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  • Busy day! After Piers left, I went on a browse. Nothing going. The birds are ultra quick this year.
    Had fight with the ginger tom next door this evening. Every time the back door is opened he tries to walk in. It's not his house damn it.
    Eat too much grass and was sick on the landing. Don't think Dave Parker was very happy.
    Going to have a lay down on a nice fresh, clean bed now and have a nap. Might see if I can sneak out later and catch a mouse.
  • Whilst I'm impressed with the Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton and that a Brit is winning races, and if he carries on like this could win the Championship, I can't help wondering what's gone wrong for the McLaren team and Jenson Button #f1
  • Why is Kimi Raikkonnen such a miserable non descript personality. I find him arrogant too. Always keeps sunglasses on during interviews even during wet/cloudy conditions which I find is the height of rudeness!